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Cognitive Agents and Automated Symbolic Learning


The ACASA team, headed by Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, works on three subfields of Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning, Scientific Discovery and Creativity. Initially focused on Knowledge Acquisition and Machine Learning, its scientific orientations evolved to Cognitive Modeling and the design of Intelligent Agents. Thus was recently undertaken research on the literary analysis (genetic criticism, stylistic analysis), on modeling social representations (rebuilding of social stereotypes from newspapers), on Scientific Discovery (modeling theories in physical sciences and medicine), on musicology and music (detection of recurrent patterns, simulation of improvisations), on didactic, on multi-media and on the improvement of electronic reading facilities.

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Computer Science Laboratory of Paris 6, ACASA team,
8 rue du capitaine Scott, 75015 Paris, Tel: (33) 1-44-27-37-27

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